We are not average.

“I’m not average. I don’t want to be average, and neither should you.”

Average is boring. I’m not average. I don’t want to be average, and neither should you. We just don’t do average. Josh wants his clients to stand out and create a riot in their industry. He wants them to become a trailblazer instead of a follower of some of these false rules that are placed around their respective industry, to shatter those glass ceilings.

Brands are stuck in a creative and social rut. They are in need of an adrenaline shot to wake them up. Those brands need to reach their clients where they are and not where they think they are.

That’s what we’re here for.

Josh has a background in graphic design and social media marketing giving him a unique perspective into your brand and its relationship with you fans.

Who is this guy?

Josh is a Nashville native, so that makes him essentially a unicorn in this rapidly growing city where everyone is from somewhere else. Born and raised in Nashville, Josh grew up with a love for loud rock-n-roll, tattoo art, and fast cars. This progressed into a love for sketching (in class) and graphic art. After high school, he married his best friend who he's been married to for 9 years and been friends with for 17. 

Josh then enlisted into the United States Army at 17 where he served for 6 years until leaving the service to go to school at Nossi College of Art to pursue his love for design and marketing.

From Art College, he went into the graphic design, marketing, and social media marketing field full-time as an entrepreneur and freelancer which eventually led to photography as a natural progression from design. 

Throughout his career, Josh has helped brands shatter their glass ceilings through his marketing and branding expertise while also being able to help the overall look and feel of their brand by coaching and teaching them the best marketing and branding methods. Having a strong background in graphic design and social media along with photography expertise gives him a unique edge into what presents itself best for a company's audience and ecosystem. 

Josh is busy, but rest assured, he is always interested in helping where he can.

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